Lisa has helped me as my coach to bring together a whole lot of awareness and life skills I already had but had lost sight of...
Lisa has a real grasp of the issues that financial advisers are facing...
The skills I learnt from Lisa’s coaching have honestly been life changing, not only in my personal life, but also my professional life...

Welcome to Lisa Steel Coaching and Consulting

Lisa is a mindset coach and consultant who combines her genuine care and interest in helping people be their best and live their best lives with over 12 years’ experience of running her own successful business.

Lisa believes that “Life is all about the stories we tell ourselves”.  These stories are a complex history of our values and beliefs, our childhood, our life experience and how we remember and interpret these experiences.  All these aspects plus more, form our perception of the world.

Our perception of the world and the stories we tell ourselves create our reality and the quality of our lives.  Sometimes these stories are not true and are no longer serving us and that’s where coaching with Lisa can help.

Sometimes in life we can identify events that do not sit right with us.  At other times, we know something is off or we feel like something isn’t right, but we don’t know what that is.  This can show up in our lives as:

  • A lack of focus or lack of energy
  • A feeling of being stuck or lacking choice
  • The inability to let go of something that is upsetting you
  • The feeling that you are surviving not thriving

Coaching can help remove these blocks and help you realise your true potential.

What is Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation, states that the essence of coaching is:

  • To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.
  • Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.
  • Coaching builds awareness empowers choice and leads to change.

It unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance.
Coaching helps them to learn rather than teaching them.

My role as your coach, is to be present, to actively listen and observe not only what is said but what is not said.  To ask great questions and to personalise my coaching approach to your way of thinking and learning.  There is no judgement, no me telling you what to do.  I believe you are whole, and deep down you know what is right for you, but you have got a little lost in the story you tell yourself, become busy with all the noise of the world we live in and maybe even forgotten that you are important.  Quite simply, I am here to help because I care. 

Meet Lisa

Hello, I’m Lisa.  For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with peoples thinking and what drives their behaviours.  I have spent decades reading, listening to podcasts and studying behaviour and coaching in order to understand my own thinking and behaviour.  I believe in order to understand and help others, we need to firstly understand ourselves and I have a wide range of frameworks and learnings in my coaching tool kit.

It is an absolute pleasure working with each of my clients.  I get immense joy helping them work through issues and love being able to help people be their best.

My clients love that I am easy to talk to and even the ones that aren’t talkers open up to me easily.  My approach to coaching revolves around the three C’s:


I truly care about helping each of my clients be the best they can be


I believe I can contribute to people’s lives and make a difference


I work with my clients to help them reach their true potential and see the best in themselves


Sheree H
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Lisa has helped me as my coach to bring together a whole lot of awareness and life skills I already had but had lost sight of, in a very safe and supportive way. Lisa assisted me and nurtured me to feel comfortable to go deeper and uncover things about myself that I had never realised before.

I felt such a sense of relief and so much clearer in my thoughts - knowing that the first steps I had to take were as simple as being kind to myself.

I presented to Lisa with extremely high expectations of myself with an awareness that aspects of my life were really not how I wanted them to be. It was starting to come at a great cost to me in my energy levels, my business and my relationships. Lisa helped me to become aware that I was trying to live in a life full of judgment. I was in a space filled with fear of judgement; judgement from not meeting my own unrealistic expectations or constantly trying to meet expectation of others, a habit that had been with me for life.

Once Lisa helped me become aware of this, I was able to let go of what has been holding me back in all aspects of my life and stopping me from showing up as the real me – honest, authentic and living from a space of Integrity.

Our session together was incredible and for this I thank you so much and so look forward to working together long term, with you as my coach.

I would highly recommend Lisa to any Professional Women who are not where they want to be in Life. Who know they have so much to offer, yet are feeling like something is holding them back. Who know they are yet to reach their full potential, but feel like something is stopping them from achieving the bigger picture. Who know they are destined for greatness, but not yet feeling confident to make happen what it is that really matters to them. – If this is how you feel, Lisa is the coach for you!
Simeon L
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It’s been a great experience working with Lisa in her capacity as a Coach. I am a Financial Adviser and it’s been a massive, personal challenge to step through all the change that the financial services industry is going through at the moment. While most coaches have an understanding of how change affects someone, Lisa has a real grasp of the issues that financial advisers are facing because of her background. It is so helpful working with someone who is empathetic and who just gets it. Lisa is grounded, sensible and full of wisdom in her approach and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to engage a great coaching experience!
Ainslie O
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Walls. I am very good at building them. Most of my adult life I have subconsciously built walls to “protect” myself from feeling emotions I didn’t want to deal with. For me, this meant adopting a mind set of “she’ll be right, I’ll soldier on” and not addressing those emotions, nor addressing or acknowledging past events that caused me to behave and feel this way.

I was incredibly nervous, yet excited, when Lisa introduced me to life coaching. Despite my nerves and apprehension, as soon as I sat down, Lisa’s approach made me instantly feel at ease and comfortable, which is rare for me. I am not a “talker”. For me, this was quite confronting and terrifying, the thought of exposing my vulnerabilities to someone. However, throughout the entire experience, Lisa made feel supported and understood, never feeling judged.

Through a series of discussions, Lisa was able to drill down to the root cause of my reluctance to allow people into my life to experience the “real me”, why I felt that way, and provide strategies and techniques to help me overcome these thoughts.

The skills I learnt from Lisa’s coaching have honestly being life changing, not only in my personal life, but also my professional life.
Rachel B
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I just wanted to email to say thank you. Your coaching has really helped me to shift my perspective on work and life, and importantly, to find the motivation and determination I seemed to have lost. I now feel that I have clarity with where I’m heading and what needs to be done to reach my goals.

From our first meeting, I had the feeling of complete trust - you’ve provided me a safe space to be open and vulnerable, without judgement and I am forever grateful. I feel that I have already moved mountains, am in a much better head space and am being kinder to myself. My energy levels are lifting and I no longer feel in a rut – I’m heading somewhere. So, thank you!
Josie W
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Lisa Steel is an empathetic, knowledgeable, authentic and trustworthy coach. She had the ability to hear my fear and pain and give consistent and practical direction over our 6 weeks.

I left our sessions with a doable and strategic plan to help rebuild my whole life.

I came into the 6 weeks with relationship distress adding to a business failure in which I couldn’t control the outcome, ending in bankruptcy, and total feeling of being alone where no one was coming to help me. Lisa came to help me.

Her generous and kind spirit allowed her to be exactly what I needed at the time. Lisa held me accountable. Lisa didn’t let me have self-pity. Lisa gave me strategies.

I came out of the 6 weeks with a desire to re-create a different path and a desire to do well at it.

My time with Lisa was during a distressing time of my life. Had I been in a strong financial and emotional state I can’t imagine where my 6 weeks would have catapulted me.

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